Socialist Frenchies Turn Wranglers Into Commie Jeans

01.20.10 Copyranter

I’m not going to say much about the next incantation of the asinine We Are Animals marketing repositioning of Wrangler by Paris philosophers/ad men Fred & Farid, other than—how bloody trailblazing. Because the bombastic buzz bites from the agency press note about the red campaign—which has nothing to do with the Red campaign (to my knowledge)—is chock full of the pretentious malarkey that makes my business utterly suspect to begin with. Read and bleed from your brain with me:

“A powerful, visceral campaign centred on the human being’s most primary instincts. Men and women have been photographed in red waters or amidst the fury of twirling red dust. A new approach to the concept We Are Animals by a fit, strengthened Wrangler.”

Pure ruby hooey.

“Each image is a high dose of adrenalin, tension and passion, with red as the basic colour. Each character becomes the personification of the inner strength of an unleashed man, a sweeping animal alter ego.”

Just simply slip on a pair of cowboy jeans, stab yourself repeatedly, and, uh, get get yourself a coffee. The ads start appearing in March issues of mags. Maybe they could get Brett Favre to put on red war paint and demand a trade to the Chiefs. |images via: Coloribus|