Spanish Teacher, Assistant Principal, Principal, NYPD Should All Be Schooled

02.08.10 Bucky Turco

*Feb 05 - 00:05* Some more details have emerged about the arrest of NYC’s most copious junior high vandal, Alexa Gonzalez, the 12-year-old student busted for doodling on her desk with a washable marker. The unapologetic principal, Marilyn Grant, met with the girl’s mother on Friday and told her there’s nothing officials could do, it’s school policy to contact the NYPD for incidents like this so don’t blame her. For those keeping score, here’s the list of characters that unnecessarily ramped up the disciplinary process and each is more guilty than the next: Spanish teacher (For not giving the girl a wet sponge and an abrasive to wash off the desk); Assistant Principal (For not giving the girl detention instead of calling School Safety); Principal (For defending this egregious policy); NYPD (For actually slapping cuffs on a 12-year-old for such a minor offense).

Photo: Pace for News