So, you know that 80-page Spencer Tunick thesis Lady Gaga wrote before she dropped out of Tisch? From the bit found here, it seems to be a pretty typical college essay of self-justifying musings sprinkled with regurgitated professor rants, but I guess it plows deeper than terrible cock euphemisms, so we all should be impressed now. Spencer Tunick is.

Not that he read it. Recently-pants-less Tunick heard about it, got all flattered and told the Herald Sun that he wants to slip Gaga into the upcoming naked pile in Sydney. “I’d be glad to not tell a soul,” he says, while telling everyone.

As a gay icon, it’s not a bad idea for her to take part a Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras organized event. And a game of “Where’s Gaga?” could finally solve that whole penis issue, in case her glitter-leotard-crotch-flossing is still ambiguous for you.

The lesson here is that if you’re planning on being famous, before snorting Keith Richardian proportions of cocaine off “disco sticks” and bleating monosyllabic “lyrics” in NYC clubs, clunk out a few complete sentences and name drop living artists with large egos to stroke. It will come in handy.

In case anyone is wondering why I keep writing about people I’m not fond of: I’m kind of an asshole. Just kidding. One love!