St. Petersburg’s Anti-Tourist Mafia Strikes Again

07.27.10 Marina Galperina

Heat-blistered St. Petersburgians have been treating tourists to a mafia-style prank: Operation Concrete Shoes.

Tourists and new transplants beware! One minute you’re buddy-ing it up with the local lads, guffawing and clinking beers and then… You’re in the back of a speeding car, your feet in buckets of cement-like goop quickly solidifying as bandanna-masked dudes are hauling you out and into the river.

And then, there you are on the local news, stroking your sweaty Euro-mullet and mumbling nervously about some babushkas and a guy with a hammer who saved your life and gee whiz, you “guess this is how people joke around in St. Petersburg.”

The heat wave has inspired several of these homicide-lite attempts.