Stock Spots Seriously Sick

01.25.10 Copyranter


If you like cute little hedgehogs, and don’t like watching an overweight woman being physically and mercilessly mocked, you won’t want to click through to watch these two spots for German investing site mystocks.de. This is some very 80s, very un-PC advertising humor.

Using jokes that highlight the negatives of an industry is always risky; people will definitely remember the jokes, but they may not remember you. I’m also wary of mystocks’ claim that you can earn 20% more on investments (20% more than what?). Anyway, I admit, guiltily, that I laughed at both of these. I know a hedgehog wasn’t actually harmed (at least, I hope not), so I’m OK with the first one. The second spot, though, is definitely going to piss off some people. Get ready for the emails/letters, Jung von Matt.

Here’s the third spot in the campaign featuring the depilation of a hairy man’s chest. |Videos via: Scary Ideas|