Stolen Showpaper Boxes Recovered

12.20.10 Bucky Turco

After only a few days, the newspaper box done up by Adam COST for Showpaper was hijacked off of Second Avenue and within a relatively short time placed on eBay where the final bid for it reached $4,200. However, the money was never collected. Andrew H. Shirley, the curator for the project, says he was able to recover it from the seller, a known stolen street art dealer. It basically took some lengthy emails, legal threats and finally, a phone call from COST himself.

The Brooklyn man allowed Shirley to pick it up and Showpaper now has it safely stowed away until after the holidays. He said they’re trying to find a public place where it can be displayed, but not on the street.

In related stolen newspaper box news, Shirley was also able to recover the one done by street artists Wolftits and Cahbasm. It was taken from Greenpoint and placed on Craiglist. After arranging a fake buy, the curator, along with two car loads of people, showed up for the box and convinced the men, also from Brooklyn, that giving it back is the only real option. “Not to sound corny,” said Shirley. “But I think they had a change of heart.”

Now if they could only find the one done by NET and Droid, which I’m told, was the first one to disappear from the Union Square area. But no matter, soon there will be an even wider selection for would be thieves to choose from as there are plans to do a second series in a few months.

The above photo is of one of the unnamed team members that helped get the boxes back.