salanderAside defrauding and booze, recently arrested art dealer Larry Salander was addicted to antique carpets, according to the gallery which will be auctioning off his furniture in May. Though he swindled clients out of $120 million, the pre-sale estimate of Salander’s furniture is $100K-$200K. [Relatively] broke-ass!

175 lots of “furniture and decorative art” will be auctioned off at Stair Galleries in Hudson, NY in May if you’re in the market for a $2K-$4K “Austrian Renaissance-style walnut extension dining table.” Stair of Stair Galleries says:

He had nice taste in nice things.

That’s just how it starts! Beware, kids: Luxuryholicism is a serious disease. However you plan earning your millions – “talent,” hustle, stealing art-moneys from Mike D’s mom and De Niro’s dad, whatever – don’t just go and blow it all on fancy carpets. Leave some for a un-slobbered-on sweatshirt to go to court in. |Bloomberg|