Talibanksy Bomb Afghanistan

Playing off the moniker of famed street artist Banksy and the Taliban, an art collective calling itself the Talibanksy have been waging a propaganda war on the streets of Kabul with stenciled pieces. Like the celebrated vandal that inspired them, the international artists behind the anti-war group say they will remain remain anonymous*, but did offer the following statement:

Selling the peace’ AKA (also known as) winning the war, has also become a big industry. Propaganda is everywhere from counter-narcotic campaigns to counter-terrorism to army recruitment. You can’t move without some form of visual purposeful persuasion burning a hole in your soul. Social and politically driven graphics, AKA street art, can evoke thought and stimulate discussion. Watch your public space.

Bonus video of Talibanksy at work:

Photos: Talibanksy/flickr

*Although we know what he looks like, we don’t know his actual identity.