pussyBrad Bourland is a 58-year-old produce clerk who lives with his sister in Austin, Texas and watches a lot of movies. So far, he’s ranked 9133 movies of the 20th Century, subjectively, based on “the totality” of the film and its “wisdom, beauty and truth” or whatnot. Casablanca is #1 and Plan 9 From Outer Space is #9133.

It’s clear from the ardent rambling in the downloadable Word Doc on his janky site that the man is a film fanatic. It’s uncertain whether the list is at all relevant, but it sure hefty.

Bourland admits that his ranking is subjective and the difference between #30 and #40 is “virtually nil.” He also doesn’t like reading subtitles. Film geeks will nasally note an absence of Fellini, Tarkovsky and Fassbinder. Bourland won’t evaluate non-English films because he has enough trouble understanding Brooklyn accents.

It’s no simple task to understand the full thrust or the fine nuances of what we hear others saying, EVEN if in our own language. Clearly, it’s preposterous to assume we perfectly understand translated communications. I knew it would be impossible for me to evaluate films made in a language other than English.

Alas, banal Bourland can’t digest or discern kitsch either. While the top 100 is as generic as an “Intro to Film 101” syllabus, Bourland shuns Russ Meyer’s Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! to the bottom twenty. There it dwells with killer tomatoes, surf Nazis, two Ed Wood films and three flicks ending with “From Outer Space.” Some might find that sad. Subjectively.