If Variety’s Taxi Driver rumor has got you salivating for a Hollywood-superfleous-remake-style explosion-laden “update” on the classic, prepare to be disappointed. As amusing as it would be to see a senior Bickle raise some bloody havoc over a teeny hooker (casting idea: Baby Cyrus, blegh), with what collaborator Lars Von Tier’s got in mind, it’s going to be less blockbuster boom and more cinephile dorkfest. YEY!!!

If the whole thing’s even for real, Lars Von Tier wants to repeat his 2003 project The Five Obstructions, a film that consisted of challenging his friend/mentor Jørgen Leth to remake a 1967 13-minute experimental film The Perfect Human five times, with Tier’s specific instructions. And so, in one stunt of five, the minimalist black-and-white celluloid clip of a 60’s yupster fancily dining on fish sent Jørgen Leth to the red light streets of Bombay to attempt the same, but with a pinch of moral pressure. And now, Lars Von Tier allegedly wants to torture Scorsese, similarly.

It’s hard (but fun) to picture how a Scorsese feature would translate to a project like this. With all the cinematically seedy LES streets gentrified/sanitized (like Bickle’s porno theater on 2nd, long gutted to root another ugly new apartment building), some new location scouting would be in order. But imagining Robert “Mr Cheery” De Niro going through similar mental acrobatics makes it feel like a Lars Von Tier guest-directed Punk’d episode and that… would be hilarious.