The Classically Influenced Cannibal Orgies of Don Pablo Pedro

Don Pablo Pedro‘s solo show at Williamsburg’s Pandemic Gallery is a “spectacle of disgust with life” and is spectacularly disgusting. His humanoids devour and violate each other and themselves on painted muslin scrolls, recalling Bosch and El Greco and psychedelic cartoons and what the hell is wrong with this guy.

But the the artisan/“ugly, little, shriveled monorchid”/street doodler doesn’t just paint quad-boobed and dick-headed freaks. He gives them funny little names too. A mountain of severed feet is Foot Loose, flowers in a delicate bouquet are Assholes, and Hospital Paintings is when you go to a hospital to get your testicle amputated and you paint there. He may look like Devandra caricature, but these scrolls are neat. “Fuck Don Pablo Pedro,” Don Pablo Pedro, Jul 31 – Aug 23, Pandemic Gallery, Brooklyn