With the Internets buzzing about Tom Six’s ridiculous body-horror The Human Centipede [First Sequence] for months, a real trailer was just unleashed. And it delivers exactly what it promises, as anatomically improbable as it may be: surgically-sculpted Siamese triplets with a single digestive system. Ew.

The sitch/stitch: A surgeon renowned for separating Siamese twins wants to reverse the procedure. After his conjoined rottweiler triplet experiment croaks, humans seem like the next logical step.

One thing learned from the trailer that hasn’t already been revealed by a series of money shots of the creature via circulated film stills [below], the two/thirds of the human centipede are of the party girl variety. It’s their annoying yammering that’s muffled with the surgical butt-mouth merger. Oh well?

Lovingly described as David Cronenberg meets Takashi Miike, Tom Six’s sick flick will be released in the summer by IFC. While horror movies have taught us that tourism is generally a bad idea, it’s always worse in Germany. |TwitchFilm|