The Largest Artwork in the World, in Siberia

08.11.10 Marina Galperina

The world’s largest artwork is nine square miles of concentric design over Siberia’s frozen Lake Baikal. Rather, it was. It was swept away by the tundra winds, melted into bits by the climate crash, but fortunately, documented. See photos of artist Jim Denevan and his crew of art-elves sweeping gorgeous, gigantic icy loops below.

Denevan thereby beat his last largest art work in the world in the Nevada desert. Visuals of the arctic action have just been released, so browse their sponsored, yet beautiful travelogue at the Anthropologist and see the frosty crew in a variety of awful hats, shuffling about the cracking ice with brooms and amusing the local Siberians. Naturally, there’ll be a documentary out later.

Photos: The Anthropologist