From the maker of a terrifyingly realistic robot clone Geminoid HI-1 and robot girl Geminoid F, comes Telenoid R1 – an armless, legless white blob that transmits the human essence. Watch stumpy chat and writhe around in this video.

See the seriously excited grandma Konnichiwa and paw at the robot? That’s your $8,000 next generation cellphone from the mad roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro. To chat, the caller transmits his voice and movements through a computer. The robot mimics and stares at you with expressive little peepers.

Creeped out? Ishiguro says you’ll get used to it:

The unique appearance may be eerie when we first see it. However, once we communicate with others by using the telenoid, we can adapt to it. If a friend speaks from the telenoid, we can imagine the friend’s face on the telenoid’s face. If we embrace it, we have the feeling, that we embrace the friend.’

So hug your bionic friends, kiss your personified sex dolls and tug about your robot spawn. The future is now.