The Stupidest Farm Animal Parasite Drug Ad Campaign I’ve Ever Seen

01.28.10 Copyranter

I think the creatives at BBDO’s Ecuador office were on horse tranquilizers while hatching these visuals. Rintal is a Bayer pharmaceutical that controls nematodes and lungworms in cattle, sheep, goats, and I guess horses, though equines are not listed on the company’s product page. Headline translation: “Eliminates all kinds of parasites.” Let’s examine the creative process:

The maybe-high Ecuadorian ad guys (the team was all-male) decided to drape what they considered human parasites on the backs of some poor horsies. They came up with (click ads) a drug king pin (sketchily ID’ed by his white suit and hat), a con, and an apparent prostitute. What about an ad guy (ironic t-shirt, stubble, dead eyes)? What about…another campaign, after you trashed this fucking horseshit? You know, it is possible to do good bizarre drug ads. |images via: Coloribus|