predator What was it that made Times Square SUV bomb failure, Faisal Shahzad, go from angry person to terrorist wannabe besides sleeping on an air mattress? According to the Daily News, he wasn’t happy about the onslaught of U.S. drone attacks—increasingly in his homeland of Pakistan—that are notorious for killing both the enemy and sadly, innocent bystanders. And he’s not the only one to feel that way. Many Pakistanis have had enough with the free reign given to the U.S. Armed Forces and can you blame them?

Just quickly imagine how Americans would react if Mexico kept popping over the border and firing missiles into Texas or other border-sharing states to assassinate even the evilest of drug lords? Now picture a poor rancher getting taken out with those bad guys. All I can envision is Minutemen with rifles, pickup trucks packed with gasoline, and Mexico City on fire.