Last night, I leaned my pricey road bike against a metal gate just outside the front door of my building in Bushwick, Knog light still blinking like a strobe. I walked about 15 feet away to take a photo and within those 30 or so seconds, this young hoodlum gingerly walked up and actually tried to take my steed.

Well, let’s just say he wasn’t very successful. After a brief altercation that wasn’t nearly as dramatic as this one, he began speed walking away and from the down the block yelled: “You should lock up your bike.” Cause ya know, it was totally my fault for leaving my bike unattended for a few seconds on my own block. Anyway, after that comment I couldn’t help but to blow up his spot. So, if you see this grimy cat lurking around, beware fellow cyclists, he’s on the prowl. Side note: Since I moved to the city in 1992, I’ve never ever had a bike stolen from me.