This Is Not The Trailer For “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot 2”

06.23.10 Copyranter


Hot Chicks With Guns, this also is not. But these Moms are packing some serious firepower. AK-47s, cool pump-action shotguns, fancy machine guns I don’t the names of. It’s not a PSA for the NRA, though they should steal the slow-mo gun-porn footage.

No, it’s a video for AmberWatchAlert, a service that protects children against abduction, predators and the dangers of the digital world.

The Foundation, apparently not associated with the Department of Justice’s AMBER Alert program, was founded in 2004 by Keith Jarrett after he briefly lost track of his daughter in a store, according to Wikipedia. How he’s able to legally have “Amber” and “Alert” in his organization’s name is a puzzling. The video informs us that “over 260,000 children will be abducted this year alone,” and that “you don’t need a gun to protect your kid,” just their alert program. But the images of angry Moms joyfully blasting away contradicts the hell out of that statement. Thanks to Lindsey Downs for the tip.