Like the diabolical new bike lanes in Park Slope and Midtown, the new protected lane on Columbus Avenue in the UWS has also attracted opponents, for whatever rich-people reasons—and they plan on complaining about their new neighborhood scourge at a public meeting tonight. You can all go and outnumber them, though!

Streetblog says the mile-long lane will be a “hot topic” at tonight’s Manhattan Community Board 7 meeting, because anti’s are going to show up to complain. In June, the board approved the lane by just four votes, even though more people who attended that meeting were supporters than not. A month earlier, the board’s transportation committee had decided against the lane. Only by the grace of the bike gods (and the full board) did that green paint ever get laid on the pavement, a job that wrapped up in late October.

To be fair, wealthy people aren’t the primary?/only? opponents of the lane: Business owners say it interferes with loading. But it’s not clear how such activities on Columbus could be any more difficult to pull off than on the many other busy-ass city streets with bike lanes on them, or how bikes could be any more troublesome than cars. Come on here.

Even if public discussions about biking aren’t your thing, you might want to attend tonight’s meeting just for the STAR POWER. Actor Matthew Modine spoke at the June meeting, as did America’s ethicist Randy Cohen of the New York Times. Will they show up again tonight? Or will other, even bigger stars come out? Make sure to wear your best “slacks,” if you go.