Today in NY Post Vocabulary: “Rape-Rap Nix”

10.11.10 Lauri Apple

The “rape-rap nix” is neither a new dance move nor a form of anti-rape hip-hop—it’s simply the latest in headline magic by those alliteration alchemists at the New York Post, makers of the sext blitz (seen here), Surrender Monkeys, STAB BABY, and other catchy phrases.

In the Oct. 10 Post article “$10M suit after rape-rap nix,” Kathianne Boniello reports that Australian businessman Matthew Moorhouse is suing the Standard Hotel for $10 million after being acquitted of raping a maid—”charging that its racy atmosphere contributed to the false charges against him.” In the Olde Tasmanian legal dictionaries used by the Post‘s copywriters, rape-rap = criminal charges, and nix = acquittal. (Commenter “Lou” has suggested “Moorhouse sues the whorehouse” as an alternate title—not bad, but too much sibilance.)

The Post has used “rape rap nix” at least once before—in titling the July 28 news blurb “Cult rape rap nix,” which discusses the Utah Supreme Court’s demand for a retrial of a polygamous Mormon sect leader. In this case, “rape rap” lacks a hyphen, which seems less grammatically correct than the newer, hyphenated form. A sign of improved newspaper quality control efforts, or just a fluke? (Rhetorical question.)

If you nix the “nix” and search for “rape rap” on NYPost.com, you retrieve 79 results. One links to an article about an accused “tot mugger” who said during his trial that cops had threatened him with a “rape rap” if he didn’t confess. The man didn’t, and was eventually cleared of the so-called “tot mug.”

Tot mug + rap nix = “Tot mug rap nix.” Look for it soon.