Trucker Attacks Oral Sex Jesus Art

10.07.10 Marina Galperina

Hundreds of protesters have been fuming for days in Loveland, Colorado over an art exhibition with a 12-panel lithograph where Jesus gets head. Yesterday, long-haul truck driver Kathleen Folden attacked it with a crowbar, screaming “How can you desecrate my lord?” The blasphemy-buster shattered the glass, tore up the art, bloodied her hands and sat there until the SWAT team arrived. All that over intersex Jesus getting oral foreplay, barely.

The Misadventures of the Romantic Cannibals by Enrique Chagoya also features “comic book characters, Mexican pornography, Mayan symbols, ethnic stereotypes” and wait… is that the prophet Muhammad? Uh-oh.

The artist says he has nothing against Jesus.

I’m very sorry to hear that somebody had such a violent reaction to my work… I don’t expect people to agree with me, but let’s have a civil discussion. I’ve been getting a lot of hate mail that doesn’t have any logical discussion behind it.