TSAscreener Lately, the TSA has been getting their asses handed to them. In just the past few weeks there was the agent leaving his post at Newark allowing a man to access a restricted area, that drug prank in Philly, a breach-incident at JFK, the failure of their bomb-sniffing dogs, and of course the recent napping photo. Are they just going through a period of bad press or is there a systemic problem within the agency? Maybe the country is just getting what it pays for, NPR reports:

The men and women at the front lines of the battle to keep the skies safe are among the lowest paid
of all federal employees, and they have one of the highest injury rates.

Just so how low are we talking? Well, about the same salary earned by people working at McDonald’s.

Then there are the salaries, which start at about $25,000 a year, one of the lowest rates in the federal government.

That’s an abomination and just as big a problem as all of the agency’s recent follies combined. Maybe this amount of attention will wake up the electorate and force us to really start taking an active interest in our safety and demand a better salary for TSA workers in exchange for the most qualified employees possible.