TurnerIMA While that tribal-war-play Superbowl spectacle took place over the weekend, even sport-abstaining arty peoples may have peeked at the whole NOMA vs. IMA bet.

After internet bickering (NOMA’s Anderson re: Renoir “sentimental blancmange” and IMA’s Bullard re: jeweled chalice “another over-elaborate Victorian tchotchke,” ho-ho!), looks like IMA’s Turner —The Fifth Plague of Egypt, 1800 — is headed to NOLA and all what’s left of the “art trash talk” are curtsies and air kisses. Yawn.

Maybe if Anderson and Bullard had taken each other on for reals — with museum pink slips on the line, unhelmeted and jockstrapless in mortal combat or Gladiator style with bloody-spears-a-plenty, then… pass the popcorn, I’m in. |Arts Journal|