U.S. Now Looking to Export Its Draconian Drug Laws Globally

A little talked about bill that could have major consequences for Americans who travel abroad made its way to the House floor on Wednesday and is expected to pass. It’s called the Drug Trafficking Safe Harbor Elimination Act of 2010‘ and it’s quite possibly one of the most invasive pieces of legislation ever introduced. What’s so bad about it? It basically says that U.S. laws apply to U.S. citizens no matter where in the world they are, except in countries where it’s legal to use drugs, which is just about nowhere.

Keep in mind that even in places like Holland, cannabis isn’t legal, it’s tolerated, so technically speaking, a U.S. citizen partaking in Amsterdam’s local “coffee shop” culture could be persecuted for “smoking a doob,” despite a House Judiciary committee staffer claim to the contrary. If a bill like this can pass at a time when the majority of the country is looking to reform drug laws, not make them more oppressive, the populace is truly fucked. And how about the sovereignty of other nations?