Ukrainian Feminists Make Big Splash in Public Fountain

07.19.10 Marina Galperina

Feminist group FEMEN held a half-nude protest in the capital’s pubic fountain last week, dubbed: “There’s no water in the faucet, so I’m bathing in the fountain.” Imagine that translation is a rhyming chant. FEMEN protested the city for turning off hot water for unbearable lengths of time and excessive utility tax increases.

Partially white-clad FEMEN splashed about in various states of undress until the cops dragged the ladies out of the fountain and roughly escorted them into a high security police van. The group’s leader and the two girls that went topless were fined for hooliganism. FEMEN is contesting the charges and may sue for police misconduct, as the group was never allowed a lawyer.

FEMEN are notorious for putting their physical charms to use with political protests and letting the leering cameras spread the message.