Oh, what a perfect idea for hand-wringing New Yorkers. It’s your chance to get a virtual homeless man off the streets, digitally. It’s a street video game where anybody can play, and everyone wins!

The New York office of Pathways to Housing, through local digital agency Sarkissian Mason, has been, in the last couple of weeks, projecting a sleeping, shivering homeless man on the sides of various downtown Manhattan buildings. As you walk by, you are prompted to “get him off the streets” by sending a text. Do that, and he gets up and walks through a digital door! Yay! Isn’t it a wonderful world? I wish we could text a real dollar right into real homeless people’s pockets. Someday. For more on the project, here’s Pathways’ Facebook page. They seem a solid organization, so help out/give. |Video: osocio|