“Neo-conceptionalist” Theo Sims boozes up Olypmics town with an art instillation replica of a Belfast pub inside a 12-by-20-foot plywood box. To make Vancouver’s Candahar “realistic,” Sims imported a pair of “Irish publican” brothers, complete with fedoras, thick sweaters and even thicker Ulster accents: awkward or awesome?

Turning “spirits” into “spurts,” the Roddy brothers Conor, 49 and Chris, “47-ish” are authentic bartenders just doing their lager-servin’ thang, despite their work visas as performing artists. British-born Sims responsible for the cross-cultural simulation/confusing of Canadians wants to bring back the Roddys for two weeks a year to “re-activate” Candahar.

Aside from that pale undercurrent of national tension, there’s one obviously offensive flaw in Candahar: no freaking Guinness! Opting instead for a local brewery, Sims’s pub sans bitter foamy Guinness goodness seems just wrong. |NYT|