After Scott Campbell set fire his work at the Vice gallery in Mexico to get the “pushy,” “name-calling,” “main guy” to start acting professional, publicity-stunt accusations rained upon the artist. What’s really going to happen to the burned work?

Campbell seems sincere enough, but  whether or not he meant to, he supplied the gallery with enough controversy to fuel massive media attention. As for the damaged pieces, Scott Campbell said:

…At the end of the show, if everything’s kosher, they return all the burned works to me and I’ll replace them with new pieces.

But the gallery reps, high off their asses on publicity, stated:

At the end, I guess it all worked out for everyone. Scott Campbell and the Vice Gallery got a lot of media attention, increasing the value of his pieces, and the visits to the gallery have already doubled.

Ah, semantics. Did the gallery just simply serenade Campbell’s “beautiful… sincere… punk-rock” arson that would increase the value of his work in general or do they have their eye on these torched and singed pieces in particular? Is Vice Mexico seeing dollar signs again? Will Scott Cambell simply be replacing the works or does the gallery want to sell the burned ones for extra, since they’re toting them as “intervened” on their Twitter and bragging about their increased value?