Popular Science_volcano Detonating a nuclear weapon wasn’t the only doomsday strategy the U.S. was working on to stop the Japanese and end World War II, they had other equally insane ideas, like Professor Harold Whitnall’s volcano-bombing plan. The “eminemt geologist” from Colgate University wrote an article for Popular Science in 1944, outlining his vision for world peace:

Since shortly after Pearl harbor, I have recommended that our all-out attack on the Japanese homeland be accompanied by bombing raids on Japan’s volcanoes. I believe that explosives dropped down their throats may cause such a vomit of lava and ash as to hasten the day of unconditional surrender.

As crazy as that theory sounds, it has been tested before, by nature, and was pretty effective.

He also suggested taking advantage of all the tectonic activity taking place below the islands:

Applying the same argument to earthquakes, it is by no means unreasonable to suggest that a terrific jar produced at a time when an earthslip is in the making might accelerate the dislocation.