Voina’s leader and fugitive Lenya Yebotiy (Lenya “Fucked”) just gave an interview to a Russian paper. He spoke about the art group’s process and the purpose of epic bridge dicking, vagina chicken-smuggling and attacking federal agents’ cars with buckets on his head.

Some highlights from the interview:

The Voina creative process is like any other. Before any babies are chucked into a grocery store’s lobster tank, ideas are thrown about, considered, re-drafted and “fearlessly” executed. The “public’s response is a continuation of each action.”

Also, despite the cops’ numerous attempts to kidnap Lenya from his apartment, he is effectively on the run. He refuses to go to court to answer hooliganism charges and be “servile by following laws of a criminal regime” or waste his time “at the silly bazaars of coppers and judges.” “I won’t go to court,” he tells Novaya Gazeta, “Because there is no court.”

Apparently, when Vacuous Cunt stole a chicken from the store in her lady caverns, she was just teaching you “how to survive without money.” For beyond survival, Voina is also working on a young activist/street artist handbook “Fuck Yourself” (or is it “No, Fuck You?“) in the form of an illustrated to-do list.

Lenya considers the Russian audience not yet ready to understand what they’re doing because unlike the Western press (ahem), it’s all ews and gasps over there. Lenya explains:

Voina is involved in developing a new political language with which to adequately address reality.

Their next action will “risk to paint the fall of financial illusions that Russia has been indulging in recently.” Cryptic much?

Lenya as Bucket Man attacking a federal agent’s car: