Voina Overturn a Cop Car

09.20.10 Marina Galperina

Last week, St Petersburg art-group Voina overturned a cop car in nine seconds. Welcome to Chapter 2 of Fuck [It] Yourself! – Voina’s protest art/survivor Handbook.

Meeting by a historic St. Petersburg castle where cops like to hang out at night (or as Voina explicates, “have their nightly orgies”), Voina manufactured a dilemma. Think of it as a teaching exercise in functional disorder. Voina is breeding. Their toddler kicked a ball under a cop car. And there’s only one way to a free a trapped ball, isn’t there? “Help the child – Help your country!”

More photos of their art destruction-action can be found here.

See also: Chapter 1 of the Voina Handbook – How to Snatch a Chicken: A Tale of How One Cunt Fed the Whole of the Group Voina.