Here’s a trailer for a Disney-produced Disney documentary Waking Sleeping Beauty about the company’s colossal comeback period of 1984-1994, in case you wanted to see a young Timmy Burton zoning out or a hopped-up suit pitching the Little Mermaid, complete with crab drum solo imitations.

Over ten golden years, the Magical World of Disney brought us the adorable racism of Alladin, Roger Rabbit’s sparkling sex fiend girlfriend, a spunky fish-redhead mutant, singing utensils, dancing furniture and familial homicide in the animal kingdom. Those were all cute. There was also the monumental Nightmare Before Christmas release (under Disney’s Touchstone as not to besmirch it’s fuzziness with Burton’s darkness.)

Behind the fairy tales and Disney’s amazing comeback after years of admittedly making crap, there is a story of “clashing egos, out of control budgets, escalating tensions,” creative freaks, round-the-clock work binges, orgies of emotions and lots of margaritas. In theaters March 26.

My hopes are for some reveal as to what the conglomerate factory is planning for the future. Among various mishaps, Disney’s last traditionally animated film made up a period in NOLA where segregation and the Jazz Age never intersected.  Regardless, over 22 birthdays, my incurable cynicism grew and divorced me from any personal interest in their non-Burton endeavors, but I’m still curious. What’s next?