Watch Johnny Cony Cash Boinking Amy WineHare

04.28.10 Copyranter


Wednesday is the most useless day of the week. So, here’s a useless new video promoting MTV Belgium’s “new breed of music.” It features rabbits fucking wearing t-shirts with music stars names on them. It is truly idiotic, so fitting for the channel. But the various “collaborations” are worth noting.

You have to watch the video a couple of times to catch the couplings. The action gets started with Axl Rose kissing Taylor Swift (ew!). Then, the all-out orgy, being monitored by a “scientist”, develops. My favorite is (dead) Miles Davis eating Christina Aguilera’s cottontail. Jack Johnson jackhammers a jackrabbit Madonna, and Dizzee Rascal is spotted dogging bunny Mariah Carey. Dead fat Elvis rabbit is seen piling on. Iggy Pop’s shirt is of course hanging from the chandelier. Video is by Antwerp agency Duval Guillaume, who last week brought us the least satisfying blowjob imaginable. |Video: adme.ru|