Frederick W. Wurster was the last mayor of Brooklyn–inaugurated in 1896, and kicked out of office two years later when the city consolidated. Someone’s made a jokey site in his honor, because he needed something. Dude doesn’t even have a proper Wikipedia. features YouTube videos that present the “personal phonograph recordings” by Wurster, who died in 1917. Neither the recordings nor the text are actually Wurster, unless he enjoyed talking about doing the “pants-less thrusty waltz” with “handsome lasses” and dropping F-bombs.¬† The site seems to be new, because not much exists there yet.

If you would like to learn more about Mayor Wurster, visit the New York Times’ online archives. This article talks about the Republicans nominating him for mayor; after the ballot-counting confirmed his victory, a crowd of supporters “shouted itself hoarse.” It also gives a little bio: born in North Carolina in 1850; of German descent; moved to Brooklyn at age seven (he brought his parents along) and studied at P.S. 16; began his own axle-manufacturing business at age 20, then a brass foundry (he DJ’ed at night for extra cash); got rich and successful; and lived at 170 Rodney Street. He was the Fire Commissioner at the time of his nomination.

This article about Wurster’s inauguration offers no additional facts about the man, but does quote him as saying he’s lived in Brooklyn all his life and aspires to keep the place chill. At one point during his administration he tried to get an ordinance passed¬† shuttering saloons on Sundays, but the saloons didn’t want to do that so he went along with their wishes.