Well At Least She’s Not Eating A Pickle Too

06.18.10 Copyranter

Federici_ad This is the logical next ad in Federici’s “Ice Cream Is Our Religion” campaign. A few of you may remember last year’s priest/nun sex ad “Submit To Temptation,” which was unsurprisingly banned by England’s ASA. Well, being a good Catholic, the hotsy nun must not’ve used a condom, and now bang-o! she’s seriously preggers. And, like Pavlovian dogs, the Brits are again in snits over this sinfulness.

According to The Guardian, the ASA has received 40 complaints about the ad, the main comment being that it’s offensive to Christians because it “mocks the birth of Jesus.” Which is pretty mockable, because even I, a religious idiot, know that the Immaculate Conception resulted in the birth of Mary.

Matt O’Connor, the creative director at the ice cream company, who points out that he is Irish Catholic, argues that it is an “intelligent, challenging and iconoclastic piece of advertising.” Uh, I’d say three strikes, you’re wrong, Matt. But your hacky forced religion-baiting images have resulted in millions of free impressions. |Image: weakly thunk|