What Price Liberty?

02.22.10 Copyranter

NYlottery mega_mill_bridge

Hey you never know? All you need is a dollar and a dream. You’ve got to be in it to win it. And now, you could win a life changing jackpot and then buy various New York City landmarks. Perhaps you’ve seen some of the executions around town from this new campaign for Mega Millions? God, they’re depressing.

Miss Liberty is of course owned by the Federal government. So, if you did win and then decided that you just must have her—and the Feds for some reason agreed to sell her to you—what would you do with her? Keep her in place and open to the public, and create a nice steady revenue stream for yourself? Or flip her to the highest bidder? You could probably easily double-triple your money by selling her to some Russian oligarch. Anyway, with the current economic environment in the City (and the nation), I just found these come-ons to be utterly joyless.

Photos: ANIMALNewYork