Though fashion-minded Internet witch Bonnie Fuller thinks you should just shut up and take it or stop traveling, the entrepreneurial citizens of Cafepress America disagree–responding to the TSA’s offensive and pointless personal boundary-violating with some creativity and fashion flair.

Where to find:

  • Women’s briefs here
  • Scan or grop boxer-briefs here
  • “Hands off” (my chest) tank top here
  • “Fly naked” pin here
  • V-neck with a drunk/Four Loko’ed turkey here
  • Tyrannical Sexual Assault hoodie here
  • TSA Sucks apron (your soup simmers, so why shouldn’t you?) here
  • “Backscatter porn star” t-shirt here
  • BONUS “happy ending” boxer shorts here

Not exactly sure where you’d want to wear these things except at the airport, but maybe you hang out/indoor-grill there a lot and can get some mileage out of these things.