Department for Children School's and Families condom ads

Shh. England’s Department for Children School’s and Families wanted to target 16-18-year-olds in the UK with a condom campaign. But they didn’t want to the kids to know it was the government preaching to them. So, probably after some in-depth research, focus-grouping, and other such nitwit nonsense, the DCSF and their London ad agency DLKW came up with “graffiti.”

Now, an actual street graffiti campaign would have been laudable (if still laughable) coming from a government department. But of course, graffiti is illegal, so, yeah. From the agency press note:

England has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Europe. The solution: a guerrilla-style press campaign. Each ad spread the message ‘wear a condom’ through the idea of respect, a key social currency amongst our target. Using real graffiti and removing all government branding created a relevant way to talk to teenagers without alienating them with official messages.

“Real” graffiti? See “illegal” comment above. Nice Photoshop work, though. And, “social currency?” Shut-up, agency buzz-speaker. The campaign is tagged: Want respect? Use a condom. And while the messages may not be “official,” they still manage to be finger-wagging, excepting the “tosser” execution—That artwork/line actually gets right to the reason to buy for male teens. So mild applause, DCSF. |Images: AODM|