Wanna watch the two violent-est anti-smoking ads ever? Of course you do, you sick fucks. They’re for the Foundation for a Smokefree America. Jump for a car-becue and a burning man.

Both spots were shot in Manhattan, the fire escape setting looks like Soho, possibly Crosby Street (you tell me, local experts). The Foundation was started by actor Patrick Reynolds, grandson of R.J. Reynolds—who invented packaged cigarettes. Patrick’s acting credits include Pumping Iron, and the music video for Olivia Newton John’s “Physical.” Anyway, while I always love seeing an SUV burst into flames, these spots don’t do much, if anything, to discourage smoking. Littering, maybe. Also, the Foundation seriously needs a new logo and site design. The couldn’t care less reaction of the Agyness Deyn doppelgänger is pretty funny. The spots were created by two New York freelancers for ad agency The Colony. |Videos via: Scary Ideas|