‘White Knight’ Needed to Save Collective Hardware

05.19.10 Marina Galperina

Collecive Hardware Padlocked (photo: Flickr/bitchcakesnyc)Last week, city marshals padlocked Collective Hardware. UPDATE: The art space on 169 Bowery owes back rent, but a lucratively-able investor can save the space with $350K to go forward with a new project.

In a letter posted this week, Collective Hardware’s founders explained the situation: a lead investor has dropped out. Now, there’s an eviction notice on their door.

The Collective Hardware team have been working on “eclectic food & beverage operation” but they need an investor. This “white night” can essentially save the collective if they invest into the new project.

For two years, the LES collective of progressively-minded creative New Yorkers fully utilized the building as a collaborative venue and artist development and charity center. They’ve hosted exhibitions like Swoon’s Swimming Cities of Serenissima retrospective and Bicycle Film Festival’s Joy Ride art show and have been compared to Warhol’s Factory. Visit Collective Hardware on Facebook to help.