billboard There’s a bit of a mystery swirling around right now about a billboard that recently popped up on I-35 near the town of Wyoming, Minnesota. The billboard features a photo of George W. Bush and the question, “Miss Me Yet?” No one seems to know what the intent of the billboard is or who’s behind it: Was it placed by opponents of Obama, or is it intended to be a subtle reminder to disgruntled liberals that things could be much worse?

Photo: Minnesota Public Radio via NPR

Either way, it’s both funny and very real. Flickr photographer Jeff Meidl confirmed its existence with the following account and a sepia photo.

I can 100% [confirm] the existence of the billboard. The first time I noticed it is when I was driving down I-35 South with my friends to the Twin Cities from Duluth. (I’m not sure how familiar you are with MN, but Duluth borders Lake Superior and the Twin Cities are south of us by about two hours … and we’re connected by Interstate 35 South). I remember thinking, “Oh my gosh, that billboard is hilarious” and pointing it out to my friends as we buzzed by it. We all had a good chuckle at its expense. So me being the obsessive photo nerd I am, I decided the next time I was going to take a road trip to the Twin Cities with a friend that I would bring my camera and see if I could snap a photo. I did and the results are the photo that I posted here on Flickr. It’s actually the original, the only reason its in sepia is because I was playing around with the camera as we came up on the billboard and it just happened to be in sepia setting. So there you have it, yes, it’s actually a real billboard heading South on 1-35 here in MN.

Photo: Jeff Meidl