Wildlife Tagged By WWF

06.25.10 Copyranter

WWF Graffiti ads

Headline on the all ads: “What will it take before we respect the planet?” Will it take vandals bombing animals, asks Ogilvy Paris for the World Wildlife Fund? Well, that depends. But If I’m out for a stroll on the Serengeti and I happen to see a tagged mama rhino, I’m going to respect the fuck out of her. Seriously, I’m perplexed by the animal logic of this campaign. Has global warming taken the energy out these beasts, making them easier targets for tagging?

Did that whale beach himself in Brooklyn? Do spray cans work in sub-zero temperatures? And lastly, was this campaign produced just because a French art director thought that Photoshopping graffiti onto stock photos of animals would be a fucking cool thing to do? |Images via: IBIA|