It is my job, as this copyranter character, to try my hardest to type caustic hatred about every ad ever produced by anybody. Usually, it’s easy. Occasionally, I have to fake it. But sometimes, rarely, I can’t muster much real or synthetic bile. Like with this new French AIDS awareness video

The spot, via TBWA in Paris, is for France’s AIDES Foundation. It’s irresponsible because: 1.) it’s promoting random underground Metro bathroom sex; 2.) the silly animation belittles the sacred act of fucking; and, 3.) the penis does it with all those orifices while wearing the same condom. There. That’s the best I can do. Actually, it’s a fun video that effectively delivers a simple message. You really want to see some terrible AIDS awareness ads, here you go. Btw, TBWA Paris also produced one of the best AIDS print campaigns I’ve seen. |Video: Creativity|