Fantagraphics announces: A long-lost comic strip by the transgressive literary antihero William S. Burroughs and British artist Malcolm McNeill will be unleashed on society. Burroughs’ only, the Ah Pook Is Here comic strip was first published as a 120-page “word/picture” foldout book in Cyclops mag and was far ahead of its time.

With this “ambitious literary hybrid,” were Burroughs and McNeill “the harbingers of the 21st century’s graphic novel?”

Synopsis of the madness:

John Stanley Hart is the “Ugly American” or “Instrument of Control” — a billionaire newspaper tycoon obsessed with discovering the means for achieving immortality. Based on the formulae contained in rediscovered Mayan books he attempts to create a Media Control Machine using the images of Fear and Death. By increasing Control, however, he devalues time and invokes an implacable enemy: Ah Pook, the Mayan Death God. Young mutant heroes using the same Mayan formulae travel through time bringing biologic plagues from the remote past to destroy Hart and his Judeo/Christian temporal reality.

Look out for mutants o’ Burroughs in 2011.