Write Poster Boy

05.11.10 Bucky Turco


As we reported yesterday, the artist-vandal known as Poster Boy was sentenced to 11 months at Rikers Island. He is housed at the Otis Bantum Correctional Center (OBCC), which one Department of Corrections operator described as “the worst jail” over there. But, he did say that being “an artist is a commodity” and could help keep him make friends as inmates often need stuff drawn for custom jailhouse-style stationery. Hey, it worked for KIKO. UPDATE: He’s been moved to the EMTC (Eric M Taylor Center).

Anyway, who knows how long it’s going to take to appeal the case and in the meantime, you may want to write him here:

Henry Matyjewicz
NYSID: 02915787R
Eric M Taylor Center
10-10 Hazen Street
East Elmhurst, NY 11370

Photo: Poster Boy/flickr