robot fishy AMDM, the first “real” virtual museum of digital media opens this summer. It’s designed as if it were a real place (somewhere in the scintillating far future). Visitors will whiz through the museum via this machine-plant-fish-thing.  

The atrium and gallery architecture is inspired by living things – plants, insects, etc. With Adobe masterminding it, this looks slicker than most virtual interfaces. You can also “run” and “interact with the art.”  There are no guards. Starting this August, AMDM opens up a whole new vocation of art theft and vandalism to the hackers and trolls of the Internets.

Going for the quirky in their first exhibit, AMDM will feature the work of video artist Tony Oursler, RISD Prez John Maeda and Japanese artist Mariko Mori.

Sneak a peak at the museum here.