Thousands of people flying out of Terminal C at the Newark airport were screwed last night when some guy entered the terminal’s “sterile” zone without passing through security first, leading to a perfect storm of chaos and frustration. It’s a wonder no one killed anyone.

Reports ABC:

A man was seen at Newark Liberty International Airport walking down an exit lane at Terminal C about 5:30 p.m. eastern, said Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman Ann Davis. Screening was halted in the Continental terminal while authorities looked at surveillance tapes to identify the man.

Passengers were then evacuated from the secure side of the terminal and moved to the open side to go through screening again to ensure that every passenger boarding a plane tonight out of the terminal was fully screened, Davis said in a statement. The security line was emptied, and passengers were waiting in check-in areas.

No announcements had been made over the airport’s public-address system as of 9:45 p.m. Security officers were instructing passengers, who were expressing frustration over the situation.

Thanks again terrorists!

Pic via David Carr’s Twitter