So, I’m a little late writing about this guy, but feel that the real Hipster Grifter is worth mentioning. Marcos Esparza Bofill allegedly owes the IRS $172 million dollars, after living the life of a 20-something American Apparel-clad dirtbag in the East Village.

Marcos moved to New York City, in hopes of fulfilling every young guys dream of becoming a day trader for a financial sector, but soon found that he was awful at it, and decided to move back home to Non-America.

Now, there is no possible way that the IRS made a mistake. As you know, the government is fail-proof, and have never committed a documented fallacy. After viewing this chronicled deed, we must assume that Marcos is indeed guilty of stealing millions. Never mind that he was living in a decrepit hovel, or that he had to borrow money countless times from family in Barcelona; dude did it.

Family members say that Bofill is “totally shocked” over the revelation, and that he didn’t even know what the IRS was when told about it. I find that hard to believe, seeing as the guy worked in finances, but everyone is entitled to one goof, so whatever. He also hopes that this doesn’t hinder his coming back to America, for the next time he needs another cool 172 mill.

On a more serious note, it’s quite obvious that something is not right here, and more than likely the Internal Revenue Service done goofed. However, let’s assume that Marcos Esparza Bofill is much smarter than your average immigrant, and devised a plan to defraud the government out of a good chunk of change. First of all, I guess we’d have to assume that he’s not that smart, since he’s now been found out; but there’s still something to be said for getting away with it for a little bit. However, he’d totally redeem himself if he did do it and was exposed, but still got away with it by convincing everyone that he was just a broke-ass failure.

As someone that has paid taxes once, I feel that I’m entitled to give my opinion on this matter, and truly hope that Marcos set up several offshore bank accounts, acquired a few fake passports, and is showing his fellow Spaniards what America is all about: money.