Youngest Ever Photographer With a Solo Show Likes Leaves

05.18.10 Marina Galperina

kidphotoIf whales are abstract painters now, toddlers can be professional photographers — with a proper trainer, of course! Check out the latest “prodigy” to pimped out by her parents as an artist.

Professional photographers have more than Flickr to worry about. The newest competition: a three-year-old kid with a point-and-shoot camera. She’s got her own teeny solo exhibit (in a SF restaurant/gallery) and her prints cost $30-$100.

What unique vision does the youngster offer aside from a televised artist statement of “It’s a leaf!” and low-to-the-ground angles? See for yourself below. Art or not, it’s cute (or cute and depressing, depending on your profession/career stage… but mostly cute). |PetaPixel|