YouTube Responds To Epic Beard Man Beat Down Video


So it’s official, the bus beat down video starring a brawler affectionately billed as the Epic Beard Man has become a certifiable meme that has spawned websites, products, a Facebook fan page, and of course, YouTube responses. Take a firsthand look at how America is reacting. UPDATE: He speaks!

There’s really no taking sides on this one and black people are more than happy to accurately explain what took place!

Whenever white people try and do a black voice they sound terrible, but that doesn’t stop this kid.

This guy tries and uses demographics to explain the incident.

Another black guy is happy to discuss the non-racial ass kicking that took place in the video.

This guy is a little scary and is more interested in pointing out the racial aspects of the battle.

Here’s a translation for goombas.

Again, just explain what happened and stop with your so-called black speak.

If you can ignore the silly headgear, he also does a good job summing up the beating.

An ironic take, asking the internet to leave the mouthy videographer, Iyanna, who helped instigate the fight alone.

This young gentleman is upset that the black guy couldn’t back all his tough talk up and thinks it reflects badly on African Americans as a whole.